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Purpose of this Website


This website was created for the purpose of sharing  my passion in flying, golfing, riding electric bikes and driving full hybrid-electric cars with friends and like-minded people.


See my hobbies at www.maxthiam.com/Hobbies.html


Background of the Website Owner


COL(Ret) Thiam Boon Siong graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1988 with First Class Honours in Electrical Engineering. With a passion in all things related to Aviation, he joined the RSAF as an Air Engineering Officer in 1988. While in service, COL(Ret)Thiam went on to obtain the Master of Science (EE), Master of Engineering (EE) and Master of Military Operational Arts and Science (USA) in 1993, 1996 and 2000 respectively.


COL(Ret) Thiam has served in a myriad of both Staff and Command appointments across planning, specialist engineering and management functions.  


COL(Ret) Thiam retired from the RSAF in 2011, went on to become a Vice President of a software company. As of 2018, he has set up an Aviation company offering high technology solutions for modern airports in the Asia Pacific region.

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